Monday, June 25, 2012

My very own Jasmine!

I found some sweet-smelling beauties for my garden, including gelsomino (jasmine)!!! My son wanted to buy me a jasmine plant for my birthday, and I'd been scouring the town, trying  to find something similar to the jasmine in Italy. After visiting three or four garden centers, I was getting very discouraged, when one of the sales people mentioned another store across town that I rarely go to. Sure enough, they had the perfect Star Jasmine plants, and I got two, since I'm a Gemini. I will have to bring them indoors for the winter, but now I have my very own gelsomino that with proper care will vine into a profusion of scented flowers.

LoLa, my twin jasmine plants (on the right is a mosaic of a tree I made some years ago).
In my search for the jasmine, I discovered that many stores were selling plants half-price, so I was able to get some great bargains on other scented lovelies. No need to miss Italy: I'll have my own perfumed garden!

Asiatic lilies.
A white gardenia bush with about 15 buds on it!
Sweet verbena that goes nicely with the rudbeckia (black-eyed susan) growing wild next to it.
Moral of the story: instead of longing for what you don't or can't have, make the most of  your own backyard!


LindyLouMac said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your last post on the flowers you were missing so was delighted to read that you now have your own perfumed reminder. Sadly ours is nearly over for another year but the perfume is still lingering although the plant is past its best season.

marybeth said...

thanks for stopping by, LL!
It's getting up to 40 degrees C this week, so things are starting to get fried. Luckily, I have a lot of shade in my backyard to protect my new plants. I'll have to baby the gelsomino so it will thrive.