Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lazy days

Hot enough for you?
Well, it's hot here in Kansas. I mean HOT!!! The thermometer has been reaching over 100 degrees F (41C) for nearly two weeks. As it write this, it's 105. I't's best to stay home in the air conditioning. They say things will cool off by 10 degrees tomorrow and stay in the 90's the rest of the month. Speriamo!

My son went to Hiratsuka, Japan for 10 days as a chaperone to a group of teenagers as part of a sister city exchange. Later in the month, we'll be hosting one of the Japanese chaperones when their group of teenagers comes to our city. 

Sister city teens planting rice in Hiratsuka, Japan. My son is in the back with the beard.
Otherwise, I'm being lazy! I'm teaching two sections of my online university course in July and August, and have some 40 students to deal with, but still have time for reading, riding my bike and swimming laps everyday at the nearby outdoor pool. For the pool alone, I'm happy to be here. Swimming laps for an hour is the easiest way I know to calm my mind, get some exercise and tan at the same time.

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LindyLouMac said...

We have also been having extreme heat here in Italy, I expect you heard. :)