Friday, June 13, 2014

Bring on the Bees!

Asiatic lilies in bloom
After a long stretch of non-stop work from February through May, I've had a few weeks off before the last big project of the season starts next week. I've been taking advantage of the free time to take long walks, swim and ride my bike, for several hours every day. And then there's the garden...lush from spring rains.

One of my favorite iris: a true beauty.
I had hundreds of iris blooming in May!
Though my son tells me I already do my part to encourage the proliferation of bees, we planted three new trees in the yard: a dogwood, a fig, and a cherry tree.

Brown Turkey Fig in the backyard.
Semi-dwarf cherry in the front yard.
White Dogwood in the side yard.
It's amazing how these small additions change the entire landscape of the yard, and will continue to change it in years to come. The ornamental cherry tree that I planted 10 years ago is now as tall as the house! I'm eager to see what these new trees will look like next spring.

Once July hits, I'll have more free time again to continue my walk/swim/bike regimen, and can start making serious plans for my return to Italy at the end of August. Two months in Florence, coming up! In the meantime, I will enjoy my yard and all the blooming beauty.

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