Sunday, October 28, 2012

Santa Reparata

Corteo Storico
History is always evident in Firenze, and its always a treat to stumble upon a historic event going on in the  centro storico. This year, I witnessed a parade on the feast of Santa Reparata. Santa Reparata is the co-patron saint of the city, sharing the role with St. John the Baptist.

Legend has it the Santa Reparata helped the Roman soldiers and Florentine people to defeat the Ostrogoths, who invaded Florence. The people attributed their victory to the divine intervention of Santa Reparata, a Saint with origins in Palestine, that Christians in Florence were devoted to. It is one of the first events concerning Christianity in Florence. The city then became Christian, maintained  its independence and dedicated the most important church of the city to Santa Reparata. Underneath the Duomo, there is the ancient church of Santa Reparata, the old Cathedral of Florence.

Every year on October 8th Florence celebrates its co-patron with the Florentine Corteo Storico (a parade in historical costume), making their way through the streets at 4 pm to arrive at the Duomo. Then at 4.30pm a blessed candle and wreath are placed in the crypt of Santa Reparata underneath the Cathedral. I followed the Corteo Storico as they made their way from Piazza Signoria to the Duomo.
Entering the Duomo

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