Monday, October 29, 2012

Museo Ferragamo, Marbled paper and Brac

Ferragamo shoes (only 450 euros for the pair!)
One of the fun museums that I enjoy visiting often in Florence is Museo Ferragamo, which I introduced last year in another post:  Firenze Ancora

Salvatore Ferragamo was a Florentine shoe designer who first became famous while creating unique shoe designs for American film stars. I've been to three exhibits in the past few years, and each once has been entertaining and a creative inspiration. This year's exhibit was a tribute to Marilyn Monroe, on the 50th anniversary of her death. There were hundreds of photos, videos of interviews, a book of her writing, clips of her movies, and displays of the clothing and shoes she wore during her film career. It was a nostalgic look at  an American icon. For more info, here's a link to the museum:   Museo Ferragamo

Il Papiro

While strolling the streets of Florence one day, I walked into one of the Il Papiro stores, where they feature handmade marbled papers, using a 17th century technique. I watched a demonstration of the process.

Getting ready to make the print: she will lay the paper over the pan of water mixed with paint.

The marbled design

The finished product! Che bella!
For more information, here's a link to their site: Il Papiro

One of my favorite restaurants in Florence, located between the Museo Galileo and Museo Horne on via dei Vagellai 18r, is Brac. It's a bit hard to find, so I would suggest having a good map,or a look on Google maps, before setting out to find it. There's no sign to indicate its location, so you need to look for the number above the door. But it's well worth the effort to get there! Though the food is vegetarian, it is ALWAYS exquisite, both in taste and presentation, and relatively cheap for such an extraordinary meal.

Lonely Planet describes Brac well:

"The latest addition to the Florentine vegetarian scene is also by far the most sophisticated. Set around a bright little courtyard, it offers a serene retreat. The airy dining room is formed by a glassed-in loggia (covered area on the side of a building) painted white and packed with books, and the all-vegetarian menu includes cheesy pastas, grilled or sautéed vegetables, and crunchy salads like a vegan mixture of fresh fennel, blood-orange and almonds. Brac also doubles as a bookstore, while its courtyard is ideal for a relaxed drink."

My 12 euro lunch at Brac

Carpaccio di avocado, con misticanza, pomodori, sedano, sesamo, mandorle, limone
Mezze mancihe mediteranee con basilico, pomodori, melanzane,caperi, origano
Fagottino di pane carasau con spinaci, parmigiano

Avocado sliced thinly with mixed greens, tomatoes, celery, sesame seeds, almonds, lemon
A type of  pasta with basil, tomatoes, eggplant, capers, oregano
Sicilian flatbread-like dumpling with spinach, parmesan


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