Friday, October 5, 2012

Bliss on the Frecciarossa

Okay, I still have a LOT to share about my time in Paris, but I'm currently en route from Torino to Florence via the Frecciarossa train, and am having a moment of bliss. For one, I'm back "home" in Italy, I'm listening to Samba music on my Mp3 player, watching the Italian countryside whisk by as the train exceeds 300 mph, and I am using the free wifi on the train to write this post. There are some sweet moments like this every now and then and it seems only right to savor them.

A presto!

addendum: my bliss was short-lived: from Bologna to Firenze the train went tunneling through  mountains for almost the entire 40 minutes of the journey, so no wi-fi possible!

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