Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Off to Paris

Tomorrow I leave for Paris and a week of seeing the sights in the famed City of Lights. Since I've been working long hours this month, I haven't had time to savor the anticipation of this trip. Instead, I've had to put things together in a harried fashion, which is not my style. But all the plans have finally been made, and once today is over, I'll truly be on vacation for the next three weeks. No students to deal with, no papers to grade, no demanding work projects! No heavy computers to cart around! I'm traveling light, for the first time in three years.

Instead, I'll be challenged by taking the metro into Paris each day, trying to communicate in French, walking around to see the sights, and hoping for good weather.  After Paris, I head to Torino, Firenze and Siena, which is more familiar ground. Even the thought of it is comforting: by now, Italy feels like another home.

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