Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lazy Summer Days

flowers and homemade mosaics in my backyard
Well, basically, I'm being lazy this summer. My busy spring work season starts in February and ends the last week of June. Working two online jobs at once is often stressful and leaves little time for play. But I get so much done when I'm busy! After that, things start winding down, and won't pick up again until late September. During July and August, I have a light work load, and once I start enjoying my free time, I find myself avoiding the computer. Instead, I swim laps at the outdoor pool, read a stack of novels, watch DVDs from the library, hang out with my son and my friends, water the flower and vegetable gardens and ride my bike every evening. It's glorious!

a view of the back patio
In contrast to last year, which was so hot that we had no tomatoes, and I wasn't around to plant flowers, this year my yard is lush with beauty and produce. We had a cool, wet June, for a change. I've been making pesto every week for a month, and have also given away bags of basil leaves to my friends from my prolific plants. Cherry tomatoes are ready to eat, and romas are getting plump on the vine. Zucchine flowers have been blooming for weeks, so we'll soon have fresh squash to eat.

orchids in full bloom
I'm happy to have time to enjoy the nearby parks, well-maintained with eye-catching flower displays.

artistic entrance to South Park

downtown flowers with my bike in the background
I'm enjoying these lazy summer days and making plans for my upcoming trip to Italy. I'll be there for two months, and will travel to some new and interesting sights. More on that soon. A presto!

a bouquet of larkspur and yarrow from a friend

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