Friday, September 20, 2013

Alto Adige: Pressano, Mezzocorona

Pressano is a sleepy little village, and the streets were usually empty during my stay. Quite a contrast to the busy cities and villages I've been in earlier in my travels.

The mountains surrounding Pressano
After the heat in Ischia, the cooler mountain air was welcome and refreshing. Just seeing the mountains had a soothing and relaxing effect on me.

Mezzocorona Funivia goes up this steep incline
One day we drove to Lucia's hometown of Mezzocorona, to ride a funivia (cable car) up the side of a mountain. This funivia has the steepest incline of any cable car of its kind in Europe. This was the last day of "freedom" for Marta, who would start her school year in Liceo Linguistico (high school for language study) the next day in Trento.

This is the funivia car that we rode in
Another car below us
At the top of the mountain, there are two hotels and a variety of hiking paths. For most of our stay there, we were the only ones hiking.

A long row of dahlias!
 Part of the time, the sun was shining, then it started to rain, got foggy, and then sunny again.

At times, it was foggy, or maybe we were in the clouds!
Church in Mezzocorona
We stopped in to visit Lucia's mother Dolores, who offered us coffee and snacks, then we headed back to Pressano.

Lucia's family: nephew, mother, Lucia and Marta

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