Monday, July 14, 2014

A NICE surprise!

Haruko and I are planning a trip to the French Riviera in October, going by train from Florence to Nice, and since we're arranging things three months in advance, we were able to get train tickets for less than 30 euros each (one way)! It will take @ six hours and two train changes, but we'll travel along the Italian Riviera for several hours before we get to France, so who cares?

We also found lodging for four nights at a hotel in Vieux Nice, the central part of town, for only $55 apiece per night, which is less than my son has paid for cheap motels in the U.S.

Besides Nice, we plan to visit Grasse, famous for its perfume factories and Eze, along with several other scenic villages in the hills above Nice.  Monaco is also on the list. I'm tickled this came together so easily, and that I'll have someone to share the adventure with. On the way back to Florence, we'll stop in Genova for several hours.

Nice, here we come!

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