Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ischia: L'Isola Verde

Castello Aragonese, Ischia Ponte
Though it was raining when I left Naples, by the time I arrived in Ischia Porto, the sun was out in full force. It was only a 10-minute walk to the apartment I'd rented for the week, and I quickly settled in. Last year I stayed at hotel, which has since become overpriced, and decided to look for an apartment this year, which was relatively easy to do on Airbnb. Though I'd been hoping to stay in Ischia Ponte, I found a better deal in Ischia Porto, and am so glad I opted to choose to stay there. I ended up with a spacious apartment, which included a kitchen, a washing machine and a large terrace. Not only that, but it was close to the port, the main shopping street (via Roma), a free beach and a supermarket. From the port, I was able to catch buses to other parts of the island and various types of boats to other ports and islands.

La terrazza
On the first night of my stay, there was a festival going on: the last day of an event honoring the patron saint of the island, San Giovan Giuseppe della Croce. I wrote about this event at length last year, and you can read about it here:
Ischia: Festival, Food and Fireworks

Unfortunately, this year it was rainy during the festa, which literally dampened things, and fewer people were in attendance for many of the events. The town was lit up with bright lights, but several of the events were either postponed or cancelled. I was most interested in seeing the fireworks display at midnight, which I'd missed the year before. Instead, the fireworks went off the next day at 7 pm, and I heard them from three different parts of the island, so they must have been traveling on a boat. But since I'd been unaware of the time and place, I missed out on seeing them again this year. Che peccato!

Piazzale Aragonese
San Pietro Beach, where I spent many hours.
One of the main draws for me in Ischia is the beaches, and the chance to swim in the sea. I spent part of every day at San Pietro beach, either swimming, sunning, or walking along the shore. There were places to buy a ''spot" with a lettino (beach chair) and ombrello, but I opted for the free spaces and a beach towel. For more about beaches and gardens in Ischia, check out this link:

Ischia: Gardens and Beaches

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