Saturday, September 20, 2014

Procida and Sant'Angelo

Marina di Corricella, Procida
One day I took a hydrofoil for a 20-minute ride from Ischia Porto to the nearby picturesque island of Procida. The houses are painted in pastel colors, giving it a festive and attractive flair, but I quickly found that there is not much to do in Procida. I took a walking tour suggested by Lonely Planet, and it took me less than thirty minutes to walk from one side of the island to the other.  (Of course, that was a short side of the island, rather than the long side.)

Marina Grande, with oleander trees in bloom.
The boat landed in Marina Grande, the bustling port of the village. Few tourists come to Procida, and even fewer stay more than a few hours, but I found it to be worth the effort to visit, simply for the lovely views. I walked up a winding path, past a crumbling castle to see the panoramic views from the highest point of the island.

The view from Castello d'Avalos
On the way back to Ischia, I chose a cheaper hydrofoil, which only had a few people on it, and I was able to stand on the prow for the entire journey, soaking in the sun and the sea.....true bliss!

The view of Marina di Corricella from Piazza dei Martiri.
Posters remind visitors that Il Postino and The Talented Mr. Ripley were partially filmed in Procida.
Back in Ischia, on my last day I took a bus that circles the island, and spent a few hours visiting Sant'Angelo, on the southwest coast of the island. The large scoglio (a rock that emerges from the sea) is evident from the road, while the village itself is hidden from view. From the bus stop, there's a long walk, at least 20 minutes, down to the village.

The marina, with the great scoglio in the background.
There's even less to do here than in Procida, but it's a tranquil spot, where tourists like to sip wine and do some shopping. It's also possible to hire water taxis to the sandy beach, Spiaggia dei Maronti and the thermal waters in the cove of Il Sorgeto (mentioned in a previous post on Negombo).

Piazetta Ottorino Troia
The long walk back to the bus stop.
Both Procida and Sant'Angelo were worth the effort, as they provided a relaxing, beautiful and out of the ordinary experience of island life.

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