Saturday, July 10, 2010

Making Dreams Come True: It’s a Process

As I move closer to realizing the dream of spending more time in Italy, I’m contemplating the process and stages of the journey. So often, we have yearnings, including the desire to experience and become more, but how often do we actually act on achieving those things we desire? For too many years, I was content with the dream of living in another culture, until it became quite clear that it would forever remain a dream unless I did something to bring it into reality.

My journey with Italy started just four years ago, and I’ve come a long way in a short time, but it seems I still have far to go. My goal is to know, as best I can, another language and culture…..not just on a superficial level, but all of it…the good, the bad and the ugly. How can I hope to accomplish that objective without living in that culture? I’m often frustrated by the slow but steady progress I’ve made; but I stay with it, and it continues to push me forward.

Fortunately, I’m in excellent health, I have a comfortable income from jobs I can do online while abroad, my mind is sharp and curious, and I have rich connections with my son and many good friends who encourage my journey. I've made good friends with Italians who live in many different regions of Italy: I speak with them often on Skype,and visit them when I'm in Italy. They've contributed a great deal to my knowledge of the Italian language and culture, and have become another kind of family, pulling me closer to Italy every year. These aspects of my life sustain me as I gather the courage to move forward. There are many uncertainties ahead, but I’m willing to risk some comfort and security in order to experience life and the world more fully. I don’t want to regret that I didn’t try when I had the chance to. And as they say, it’s the journey that rewards us, not the outcome.

Coraggio! Stai tranquilla…..tutto andrà bene, vedrai.
Courage! Be calm…all will go well, you’ll see.

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