Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm only human!

Well, of course I'm freaking out at the same time I'm excited. It's not an easy thing to leave home for three months. I haven't been away from home for so long in 35 years. The logistics of arranging everything is complicated and at times, frustrating. But I've been slowly working towards this goal over the past four years, so it's a manageable process, for the most part. After reading blogs by people who have moved to Italy in a shorter amount of time, my progress seems puny in comparison.

I'm thankful my son will be at home to take care of the house and yard. After 4 years in Japan, he's content to be in Lawrence for awhile. Last week he had an adventure of his own: riding his bike more than 600 miles around Missouri and Kansas by himself, camping in parks along the way. He's also in training for the Kansas City marathon on October 16. (I won't be here to see his first marathon, sob!) In between his adventures, he's trying to find a suitable job.

If it weren't for Jesse being at home, I'm not sure I would have felt free to leave my house and yard for so long. So grazie mille, mio figlio, for helping me to make this happen! It will help me to realize my long- held dream of living in another culture.

Jesse and his bike, ready to ride, Lawrence, 2010

Unfortunately, I tend to be obsessive - compulsive at times, especially when planning a trip. So one can imagine the lists I keep, making sure nothing is overlooked or forgotten. I also get anxious and fearful at times....after all, I'm only human! But I know it's worth dealing with the fears, and learning to manage them, in order to get on the other side of fear, where MAGIC happens. In the end, once I start to go with the flow, everything works out.

When I've come across big obstacles while traveling, someone (often strangers that I never see again) always turns up to help me through it. Lucky? I don't believe in luck. But I often feel fortunate, even blessed, and "taken care of" when I need it most. I must be doing something right.....

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