Monday, March 19, 2012

La Festa di San Giuseppe in Lecce

the beach at San Cataldo, Lecce, Puglia, Italy
I'm in the lovely city of Lecce for a few days, and took a bus to the seaside at San Cataldo today. It was sunny, but cool and very windy. Still, it was great to see the Adriatic coast again and watch the waves roll into shore. I've been too busy to spend much time online, but will share my travels once I'm settled in Zagarolo in a few weeks. Suffice it to say I had an uneventful flight to Rome, spent a few days in Zagarolo, and even had time to visit Frascati, a lovely town that you'll hear more about soon.Then I took off for two weeks of travel in Puglia.

Today is la Festa di San Giuseppe, and also Father's Day in Italy. For breakfast, I treated myself to the festa's special pastry, la zeppola, which is basically a cream puff. In the outlying villages, there will be bonfires tonight to celebrate the festival, but not here in Lecce. However, last night there was a busy passeggiata (evening stroll), complete with musicians and street performers in the centro storico, where I'm staying at a lovely B&B. It's 6 pm and the bells of the nearby Duomo are pealing....time to go!

Le zeppole piccoline


LindyLouMac said...

Good to hear you are settling in well.

dawnmarie said...

Could I have one of those with my morning coffee?!