Thursday, April 12, 2012

Roaming in Rome

It turned colder this week, with several windy, rainy days to boot. But on one fine day, I spent the day in Rome, where it was sunny and much warmer than Zagarolo. I wandered through the Jewish ghetto, along via Julia and in Trastevere. Here's a few scenes from my walk:
Fontana del Mascherone (Fountain  of the Mask) on via Julia, behind Palazzo Farnese. It is said that the Farnese family filled the fountain with wine for their parties!
turn a corner, and find a lovely maiden
a trattoria in Trastevere
Vicolo della Torre, Trastevere
Statue of poet Giuseppe Gioachino Belli at the entrance to Trastevere. What a gent!
another lovely maiden on view inside a palazzo
in contrast, this holy maiden was on a wall along via Teatro di Marcello


LindyLouMac said...

It has been bitterly cold since Easter, but it looks like you picked a good day to explore a little more of Roma.

marybeth said...

yes, the cold and rain has been daunting, but I'm determined to explore Rome as often as possible!