Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gallicano nel Lazio

Life is going well, and with all that's been happening, I'm getting behind in writing about it. This week I went to Gallicano del Lazio, another village built on a hill, to visit Ken and Maria, a British couple who are friends of Deborah.

Actually, Maria is Italian, but she moved to England thirty years ago and has the British accent to prove it. Three years ago she and Ken moved to Gallicano to care for her ailing mother, who died last year. Their main passion is gardening, and they've created a lovely patch of paradise in their expansive garden.

I enjoyed seeing the fruits of their labors, which included a flower and herb garden, complete with a stone pathway created by their two sons, and a variety of benches, fences and pergolas they have fashioned out of branches. One large pergola is shaded by kiwi vines.

We spent several hours perusing the garden, and then drove to see the family olive grove. It was an impressive display of their passion for making the most of the natural world.

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ken e maria said...

This paradise was inherited by my Mum and Dad from my Mum`s parents,my Dad improved it in his short life,my Mum and my Sister continued building this paradise and now the three of us work tirelessly to maintain it with all our love and memories.
Grazie Nonni. Grazie Mamma e Papa`.We miss you all very much.
Grazie Bella,love you very much,from ken and Maria.