Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A visit to the Cantina

Me and Marvi

After our trip to Tivoli, we stopped in at Cantina del Tufaio to visit the real cantina (wine cellar) where the white wine is stored. The cantina was dug out of the tufa rock by Claudio's grandfather in 1850, and serves as the perfect cooler to store the wine while it ages.

The stairs down to the cantina

Claudio explains the storage of wine

Sharing a toast with the new Spumanti

After visiting the cantina, we sat under the pergola on their patio and tasted a new bottle of their Spumanti, along with ciambelle (cookies made to be eaten with wine), bread and last year's olive oil. One of Claudio's winemaking friends stopped by to have his wine "tested" by Claudio, and we all had a glass of that as well. Since everyone was Italian but me, as the conversation sped up, it quickly moved beyond my comprehension level. But I enjoyed the chance to while away the afternoon with several groups of friends, brought together by yours truly!

A view of the pergola

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Just catching up on more of your enjoyable virtual tours, rather distracted this last week hence late visit.