Wednesday, September 8, 2010

La mia città

Palazzo Vecchio (left) Duomo (right)

Duomo (left) Santa Croce (right)

Here are a few photos I took yesterday from Piazzale Michelangelo, where there are panoramic vistas of Florence. It seems that many tourist buses stop there, and that will be the only experience many people will have of Florence, to see it from a distance. But what a view!

to the east of the city

Update: The technico arrived yesterday and fixed la caldaia (hot water heater) only took ten minutes! But it still takes several minutes for the water in the bathroom to warm up. I've been heating water on the stove to wash dishes, and kind of enjoyed that habit. Utilities are expensive here, so it's best to learn how to conserve energy in any way possible. I'm thankful I have many windows that can soak up the sun: when it's cool outside, I can heat the place with the sun and it lasts a long time, because of the thick walls of the building. We'll see how that works in November....

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