Friday, September 17, 2010

Casa mia

It's still a new feeling to come "home" to my apartment in Firenze. After three days of traveling to Bologna and Lucca, it was nice to have a place of my own to return to. As is often the case, even the elevator seemed to welcome was standing ready, with its doors open, to escort me upstairs.

I started a work project as soon as I returned, which will occupy my attention for several weeks, but it's a thrill to be working here almost as easily as I am able to work in the States. I have created a comfy workspace for my computer near the door to the terrazza, with a view to the open sky. I have my mornings free to go to market and enjoy the city streets before the crowds arrive, then work in the afternoons when it's best to avoid them. I have a lovely view as I work, and the sound of church bells throughout the day reminds me that I'm in Italy.

my work space

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