Saturday, November 13, 2010

David, seconda parte

Last night, while most people were tucked away in their beds, a miracle happened here in Florence. Or so it seems: overnight, the area between the Duomo and the Baptistery became a field of grass. As the second part of the exhibit David: The Force of Beauty, city employees worked through the night to transform the street into a field of green. That is to say, they laid sod over the stone pavement: real grass! And they did such a good job, you would never know it wasn't there to begin with: the placement was seamless! They also relocated the replica of David, moving it from the top of the Duomo to the front steps.

The idea behind the event recalls the miracle of San Zanobi: it is said that an elm tree near the Baptistery flourished after coming in contact with the hearse that carried the mortal remains of the saint. I didn't get a photo of the tree, but it's shown in one of the albums below. The first collection of photos offers some great shots of the area from above, and offers a wonderful perspective on the enormity of these buildings.

This kind of event is one of the reasons I love Florence. At any given moment, phenomenal - sometimes outrageous - creative exhibits are going on: mind-blowing events that seem to pop up out of nowhere, the kind of events that lead one to feel AWE and JOY at being able to witness them. What really excites me about this is that having studied creativity for many years, and knowing its power to transform people - both those who create and those who appreciate the creations - I know that these events are transforming the lives of millions of people who pass through Florence every year. Is it any wonder that so many great artists have flourished here over the centuries?

One can only wonder where David will show up next!

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