Monday, November 22, 2010

L'ultimo giorno

Ponte Vecchio

It's my last day in Florence, and it was a pleasant one, with hours of sun, which encouraged me to spend most of the day walking around town.

In the morning, Nic came from the rental agency to check me out, and I discovered that the utilities were not as bad as I anticipated. In fact, I could have easily been more comfortable if I had used more heat and electricity. Since I had no idea what the cost would be, I was extremely conservative in my use of water, gas and electricity. I'd paid a 300 euro deposit to cover the utilities, and received half of it back! That means I spent an average of only 50 euros a month on all my utilities. Brava! Next time I'll know better and make myself more comfortable while I'm here!

The Duomo reflected in puddles in Piazza del Duomo

City workers were checking out the lights on via Corso today, so I got a glimpse of what they will look like, though it was too light to really see them well.

via Corso

With the money I got back from the agency, I was able to do some more shopping, and enjoyed being out and about again in the city. Even with intervals of rain, I had a pleasant time shopping and walking around.

A view of Ponte della Trinità

Tomorrow morning, I leave for Rome, where I'll spend a few days with my friend Lidia before my flight home on Thursday. It will be a bit warmer in Rome, and chissà (who knows), perhaps we'll even see some sun while I'm there. Speriamo! (let's hope so!)

Tonight the sky is clear, with an almost-full moon, and I'm wishing I didn't have to leave! But I'll be back in the spring, for more adventures. I still haven't made it to Verona, Volterra, and I'd love to see Venezia again. And to be here in spring...that will be an adventure of its own.

I'm not sure I'll have a chance to post again until I get home. Stay tuned for more stories of my adventures in Italy. Since my old blog seems permanently lost, I plan to recreate some of my previous travel stories on this blog while I'm in the States. It's one way to stay connected to life in Italy.

ciao a tutti!

p.s. The rental agency told me my apartment might not be available in the spring, which was a big disappointment. However, a friend has offered me an apartment that she rents to university students during the year, as it will be free from May through August. It's twice the size of the one I've had this time, has 2 bedrooms and a large yard with trees. It's not as close to my favorite places, but the price will be the same for much more comfort, and I can plant a vegetable garden. This is good news on my last night in Florence!

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