Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A parting thought: life can be magical
when we let go of daily habits and fears
and reach for the stars.

Let the magic begin!


Anonymous said...

Hope you'll have a wonderful stay in Rome before returning home. Thanks for all your informative and interesting posts, I have enjoyed reading each and every one of them.

Per fortuna abbiamo internet per consolarci quando siamo lontani dal Bel Paese.

Regards from snowy Finland,

LindyLouMac said...

Your time here seems to have gone quickly to me and that is just from a readers point of view. I look forward to further instalments on your return next year. Take care.

marybeth said...

grazie per i tuoi commenti. Viaggi anche in Italia? I will continue writing about my previous travels in Italy while I'm in the States, so stay tuned.

Yest the time has flown by...thanks for being a companion during my stay...perhaps we'll meet in Italy some day?

Alison said...

I hope to meet you when you return to Lawrence. If you get a call from a stranger, it will be me.

Anonymous said...

Sì,ci ho viaggiato prima(purtroppo solo una volta a Firenze), ma non più dopo la morte (di cancro di seno) della mia carissima amica Claudia nel 2008. Ma ci vorrei ritornare un giorno...
Also I am looking forward to reading your Italian diary and comments, either from previous or future sojourns, tutto va benissimo.

- Maarit from Finland

Anonymous said...

Il tuo "parting thought" è prezioso perchè si percepisce che è autentico; per fortuna nella vita è possibile sperimentare l'apice della gioia.
Viviamo alla ricerca di questi attimi.